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The eki company develops and produces high end tripod/gimbal heads (incl. accessories) with professional partners for the engaged and professional photographer.  


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Particularly when shooting moving objects, the tripod and its head are playing a decisive role to get sharp pictures. The longer the focal length, the more important are the tools. To make this task easy for the photographer, eki has developed high-end tools out of aluminum-alloy "7075", that are produced in Germany with the best CNC machines.

The weakest element in the photographers system is significantly influencing the result. It is eki's mission to set standards with respect to functionality, precision, quality and design, to support the engaged photographer in their hobby and professional photographers in their work. High-end gimbal heads and accessories are developed and produced in the area of Munich. 

For the new gimbal head "eki PRO Carbon Hybrid" we use special twisted carbon tubes which are connected with parts made of  aluminium-alloy. We reduced the weight at about 40% compared with the previous version. So we could again set standards with respect to weight, quality, function and stability.

In "ProfiFoto" issue 10 / 2015 our double head eki PRO MD II was awarded accessory of the month.

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You are always welcome to visit us and test our products.


Alfred Krappel
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85737 Ismaning (close to Munich) 

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